Reeve Industries
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Providing Unique Value To Composite Manufacturers Worldwide

Toll Free: 800-315-1211
Local:  912-897-4097 • Fax:  912-897-0903

Reeve Industries was established as a manufacturer's representative sales agency in 1990. The company sold fiberglass molding compounds, acetone replacement products and fiberglass reinforced plastic components to FRP molders.

The company began distributing "B" Grade fiberglass in 1995. Reeve Industries buys inventories of slow moving fiberglass, off-specification product and specialty fiberglass fabrics. Our goal is to serve the composite manufacturing market through value priced product, honesty, long-term relationships and competitive payment terms.

Our Storage Locations:
China Grove, North Carolina
Elkhart, Indiana
Orlando, FLorida
Dallas, Texas
Clayburgh, Pennsylvania

1. Lower material cost
2. Quality and delivery requirements met
3. Guaranteed satisfaction


Fiberglass Reinforcement

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